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Our Impending Self Imposed Energy Crisis

Remember a few years back when the brown outs in California were headline events?  What you may not know is that rolling brown outs have become a normal part of life for some communities. Like most things, if it happens long enough the story loses its interest and people don’t write about it anymore. The story however will become more dramatic within the next few years. In January 2015 a whole stream of new EPA air emission regulations go into effect. The intended result is to clean our air and give us a cleaner source of energy. Like most government programs however, things never work exactly to plan. The actual result is hundreds of thousands of megawatts per hour will stop being generated on December 31, 2014.

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Compared to coal, RDF pellets emit over 50% less non-renewable CO2, over 90% less sulfur compounds, and more than 10% nitrox compounds. Read More